A Baby’s Expressions in TikTok Video is melting The Internet. 12 Million plus views

A Baby's Expressions in TikTok Video is melting The Internet. 12 Million plus views

A simple peek a boo trick by his dad, nothing unusual right? But wait, the magic begins afterwords. This baby’s amazing expression (and mind you he changes expressions every second) is willing the internet over. Simple home made TikTok video has amassed over 12 million views and counting.

Well, not all people found this video amazing, some of them felt offended and replied that the user is a literally retard. With the new COPPA act, now everyone has to be careful especially when your videos involve minor kids. Watch the video and see what do you think – funny or retard trick.

Here are more astonishing facts about this trending and now viral video – 1 million likes, 360,000 retweets and many many thousands of comments.

What else is viral this week. Well, the Valentine’s day is around the corner. But what if you have broke up or someone cheats on you. This viral video of broken heart (slime and cake mix together) is trending on the internet. There is a special group of interest called “amazingly satisfying”. There are whole bunch of videos, in the tune of millions every where on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikToq you name it.

The below video falls into that category. So here is a viral and trending video that is Amazingly satisfying.

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