3D Printer With Concrete Arm Has Built A Massive Two Story House | Future Construction Industry Shows 3D Printers Can Now Successfully Replace Skilled Construction Labor

3D printer is no more a novelty. Starting from printing small plastic components to intricate medical devices and automobile parts is now possible using 3D printer. Depending The tool embedded in 3D printer, instructions programmed to attached computer and filler material supplemented, the 3D printers are capable of printing plastic, solid metal and even concrete structures. A 3D printer with concrete arm is threatening entire construction industry labor force is the latest evolution showing the evolution process in technology.


How Does 3D Printers Work

3D printer with concrete

3D printer is advancement to our regular ink printers. In the ink based printer, the printer head receives instructions from its motherboard and according the pixels were printed on the paper. The 3D printers too work more or less on the same principals.

Instead of built-in motherboard, a computer controls 3D printer head. Depending on type of output expected, the printer head is supplied with plastic, resins, laser and metal powder or even concrete.

In case of plastic printing, the resin power passes through heated printer head. The molten resin build plastic structure or shaped as instructed through attached computer.

When it comes to printing solid shapes, a combination of laser and metal powder run through printer head to coagulate the metal powder under intense heat by laser beam. The solid shape 3D printer works in two ways – either cut desired shape from metal block or build solid shape by melting metal powder using laser as heating source.

3D Printer With Concrete Arm Has Built A Massive Two Story House

3D printer manufacturer Cobod enhanced the 3D printing technology by supplementing it with a concrete arm to build houses.

The layout is planned. The layout and house plans such as walls, thickness of wall and gap between walls were programmed into the 3D printer connected computer.

3D printer with concrete



3D printer with concrete

Once the CAD design is fed to the sophisticated computer attached to 3D printer, the printer head positioned concrete head and moved it in desired fashion.

Soon the concrete deposits started building the walls. Once the walls were complete, the crew added metal frame to reinforce the concrete structure. A slab was laid manually.

The printer head again started poring concrete in pre-programmed fashion to build the second level of the house.

Within few hours of work a fully build two story home was produced by 3D printing technology.

Computer controlled concrete arm left very little area for mistakes or over pouring concrete. The wastage were meticulously controlled too.


See the fully built 2 storey home using 3D printer. This is future of construction industry. Soon the industry will be less dependent on skilled labor and become more resilient to market fluctuations.


3D Printer Technology And Benefits To Mankind

3D printer with concrete

As the technology evolves and new trends emerge, old technology becomes obsolete. People who fail to upgrade their skills matching to market trends soon find themselves redundant in this increasingly competitive world.

Jobs are lost and lives are ruined. On the flip side, technological evolution benefit to many others. New millionaires are minted who can foresee the future trends and successfully en-cash it. As a consumer, we are benefited too. Take a look at automobile industry, once heavily dependent on unionized workforce, the automobile industry has now adopted robotics and automation thus reducing dependency on labors.

This has not only helped the automobile industry to thrive and scale further, as a consume the car prices are now historically low.

Same way we assume the modernization in construction business, 3D printing technology can make the housing more affordable. 3D printing are the future and will shape how we make or consume things. At the same time, 3D printers will prove to be greatest boon of 21st century. Imagine a printer doing all the work for you. The definition of DIY will radically change with the emergence of 3D printing technology. As we progress in this segment further, we will be able to produce anything starting from kitchen appliances to accessories fitting to our housing need and matching to space available in our house.

Time will tell if 3D printing technology can radically alter the construction industry or fail beating the dust. Whatever be the case watch 3D Printer With Concrete Arm Has Built A Massive Two Story House.


Biggest Building Ever Constructed using 3D Printer

3D printer with concrete

In another similar case, 3D printing technology was used to build what supposedly be the biggest structure ever built using a printer.

Watch the time lapse video of The World’s biggest building ever constructed using 3D printer.



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