3 Instant Karma Incidents Show Karma Is Real And Karma Fails | Instant Karma Videos Prove Karma Is Coming For Those Who Don’t Do Good Deads

You may manage to escape from wrong behaviour but when karma bites it hurts badly.
These 3 instant karma videos will show how your ill motivated bad acts can backfire proving Karma is real.
When you try to pull prank on your buddy, doesn’t always go well, similar way Karma will bite you when you try to steal someone else’s boyfriend.

3 Instant Karma Incidents

3 instant karma incidents show karma is real and karma fails. Instant karma videos prove karma is coming for those who don’t do good deeds. The Karma fail videos will bring some laughter and cheer in your life. Enjoy watching!

Try not to pull prank on your buddy

Bachelor’s party was arranged to celebrate upcoming major milestone on one of the friend’s life. A yacht was booked and everyone was in good spirit to make most out of this event. Bachelors party was full on force. Food, drinks and like minded friends when all come together, this is a recipe of fun and enjoyment.

3 Instant Karma Incidents

After drinking too much beer and soda, the bladders become bloated. One friend wanted to empty out his bladder and decided to use the wide open ocean than going to the restroom.

Seeing him in act, another friend had a wild idea. As you can see in the video below, seeing his buddy peeing at the corner of the yacht, it was tempting to push him in the ocean water and watch the fun.

3 Instant Karma Incidents

When you pull a prank on your buddy, not always things will favor you. When things don’t go as planned and rather when your prank fails, it’s called as Karma revenge or instant karma.

Watch if his plans were successful or instant karma was served and something unexpected has happened foiling the plot.


Don’t steal my boyfriend : Boyfriend stealing karma

We live in the world of Tinder and Bumble where social media fuel our desire that everything is possible and everyone is accessible. Well, not always.

16 plus is the age where your heart sway looking at cute boys. Doesn’t matter whether he is single or already in relationship. And there is nothing wrong with it. Boys have fueled the notion that they don’t mind checking other beautiful girl out even if walking with their girlfriend. The cosmopolitan culture is making polygamy so popular that boys and girls in the age range of 16 to 24 don’t mind changing their relationship status more frequently than changing the clothes.

Social media culture is largely responsible for this behaviour. Easy access to online chat rooms, ability to anonymously checking someone else’s profile, even leaving random messages just for fun is growing rapidly. Handling more than one relations at the same time is a growing craze among youngsters.

This age also brings jealousy or stealing someone else’s boyfriend out of revenge. And especially for the beautiful women, the falsehood that anything you do will be tolerated and accepted by society is written in the stone.

But when the things do not go as you expect, the karma serves the justice.

A couple were descending from the escalators and at the same time a beautiful woman was going up the escalator on the other side. The couple was little odd, a cute and charming boy and odd shaped, ordinary looking girlfriend.



3 Instant Karma Incidents

The beautiful woman thought of snooping on this cute boy and touched his hands in a gesture that she is interested in him. Unlucky for him, his girlfriend was watching.

3 Instant Karma Incidents

As soon as she noticed the other woman’s unwanted advancement towards her boyfriend, the matter immediately spiraled out of control.

Fun to watch how instant karma is served. No doubt Karma is Bi..ch.


Wondering where all toilet papers have gone : toilet paper hoarding karma

3 Instant Karma Incidents

Almost all retailers are running out of stock of the toilet paper due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Ever wonder what has made the toilet paper disappear from the market instantly, we have found a hoarder.

Out of desperation when you hoard the toilet papers and now can’t return it (for those who don’t know, Costco, Walmart and other retailers have stopped accepting returns of toilet paper and other necessary item people have hoarded during pandemic) and don’t know how to use it, here is an idea.

Let’s make a pyramid out of it. A good way to kill the time and instahit TikTok video idea.

After taking efforts to collect hundreds of toilet paper but now don’t know what to do with it, this man has decided to make a tall pyramid out of it, a toilet paper pyramid.

With hundreds of toilet papers at disposal, naturally the pyramid grew quite taller forcing this man to use a ladder to stake them up. But destiny had different plans for him.


As he felt his hour and hours long work is nearing to completion, his dog jumped on the pile of rolls. The pyramid started falling under dog’s weight.

3 Instant Karma Incidents

3 Instant Karma Incidents


3 Instant Karma Incidents

If this wasn’t enough, the man lost his balance and fell into the pile of toilet paper crushing the paper pyramid completely.

Karma is real and I believe it. 3 Instant Karma Incidents


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