25 Quarantine Day Jokes N Meme For Those Who’ve Forgotten To Laugh


Charging for extra and unnecessary COVID tests

25 Quarantine Day Jokes




Quarantine is a great opportunity for all the husbands

to actually learn where things are in the house


If COVID comes from a bat

Does that make Batman a villain?



1.   You can’t see your ears without mirror.

2.   You can’t count your hair

3.   You can’t breath through nose, with your tongue out.

4.   You just tried No. 3

6.   When you did No. 3, you realized that it is possible, only you look like dog

7.   You are smiling right now, because you were fooled.

8.   You skipped No. 5

9.   You just checked to see if there is No. 5

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Memes for the day

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