20 Satirical Meme Prove That World Is Full Of Insanely Funny People | Satirical Memes Prove Insanity Seen In Many Part Of The World

Picture speaks louder than thousand words. What can be better than using 20 satirical meme to prove insanity seen in many part of the world.
Unexpected behaviour, strange positions and political affinity when captured at the right moment, a funny entertaining memes are generated.
Watching this collection of 20 memes will make you burst into your happy smile, also hidden message for those smart mind who knows to quickly notice the odds.

20 Satirical Meme Prove

20 Satirical meme prove that world is full of insanely funny people. These memes are result of perfectly timed photos supported by aptly tagline and situation related to our day to day life and current political climate. When these three things come together, it surely is recipe of limitless entertainment.

I am sure reading through our collection of 20 memes will make you burst into your happy smile. There is also hidden messages in tese pictures for those smart mind who knows to quickly notice the odds.

Necessity is mother of all inventions


20 Satirical Meme Prove

Just when you thought Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to an end, when you can’t even step out of your home for a hairdo, creativity and life hacks are here to help.

Satire : Who says drinking soda is bad for health. One should know proper use of empty can afterwords. It will augment your looks.


When your pair of jeans become useless

20 Satirical Meme Prove

Someone’s trash can prove to treasure for others. You thought your old pair of jeans are worthless, you just failed to see other opportunities to make use of it. Even seen collection of chic in a row.

Satire : When you think out of box, you first need to be packed in the same box.


Never thought of this side effect of working from home

If you felt happy that working from home gave you a much needed vacation, think again. Sometimes what seems to the blessing, in disguise can come with unexpected things. I am sure for those tired of months long stay-at home mandate, this meme is relief showing that you are not alone. There are many others suffering own ways.

Satire : When you know to make fun of yourself, there is nothing can affect you mentally

When you think America is funny, look elsewhere too

20 Satirical Meme Prove

Just when you were laughing at American’s funny behaviour, you got a company. On one side, husband and wife are celebrating wife’s pregnancy, happiness of arrival of their first child, someone else is pointing out the overgrown belly balloon. Stay healthy and regain your shape.

Satire :  It’s okay to make fun as far as you are aware of your deficiency.


Can you spot 4 monkeys

20 Satirical Meme Prove

Look at the picture and see if you can spot the monkeys. Here is the hint, there are 4 monkeys in this picture. If you can see more than 4, you need to re-read definition of satire, understand basic humanity.

Satire : Man kind is worst and worthless species on this planet and we are expert in asserting this fact at every step in life.


Doesn’t it prove 20 Satirical meme prove that world is full of insanely funny people.


Want to see a redneck : Redneck meme

Looking at his car, doesn’t look like he is hunting for fun. Looks like he is collecting his food. Notice the barn style home made from tin sheets. Only person living in that kind of home will think of hunting the bucks.

World is full of redneck and these redneck memes will prove it

When shopping becomes unsafe

20 Satirical meme prove that world is full of insanely funny people


When pizza ordering can be life threatening. As a mom we understand that you need to protect your kids from the danger. But who is the real danger here


When you spot someone carrying assault rifle just to buy Oreo cookies, that’s your redneck. Stay curious and look around you will find many rednecks roaming in your town

Put a tagline to furniture dump site and your meme is ready

20 Satirical Meme Prove


I admire those who see opportunity in others despise. You would loath people dumping their furniture at unwanted places. You feel angry where people litter other than dump yard. But instead of becoming angry, just put a tagline and watch the fun.

When the whole family is high

20 Satirical Meme Prove


When you want to work but can’t

20 Satirical Meme Prove


Watch this mom’s novel trick to work peacefully from home. You know you have to work to keep your house’s economy keep on working. But when the kids don’t understand, sometimes you have to be tough. Remember when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


Another trick to catch some zzzz….s



Dad’s novel trick to catch some zzzz. Kids are busy drawing his picture in sleeping position and by the time they are done, the dad will get some undisturbed sleep.


Funny people around the world


World is full of creative minds. You may call them funny, but I think these folks are just practical. Incase you are wondering what it is, this is a makeshift arrangement to save the shoes from the thief while he is enjoying worry free nap time


Obesity is a worldwide problem

20 Satirical Meme Prove


Not just here, but obesity is a problem in every part of the world. If you are thinking how this kid is managing to sit on the bike, my concern is how long he can survive.

Moreover, this is the reason why some bikes don’t give the promised mileage because the bikes are meant to be driven by human and not elephants and hippos.


Client requirement Vs client budget


We see this analogy everywhere in our life. Expectation of work from you is same as the Jaguar but the salary offered for mountain load of work is same as the red car.

Even your spouse expect the Jaguar like behavior in return of his red car loyalty.


He is just truthful


Kudos to his honesty. At least this guy is speaking the truth that many of us don’t dare to blurt out. Well said,

My wife is my strength.

All the other women are my weakness.


Crocodile asking for help meme


Must have seen and read attacks by crocodile. Have you seen any case where a human is fighting back, that too a woman. Woman is considered as weak chain as compared to men. But never underestimate a woman and her ability to fight back. Else you are bound to be surprised.

Toilet or BBQ


Who says toilet can only be used in the bathroom. If you hook up a gas line, it can be your perfect out door grill. Just pour some ice i the flush tank and there is your cooler ready.

A toilet or perfect every home must have outdoor furniture.

Bad Quote Of the Day

The reason Batman doesn’t cover his whole face is because he needs the police to know he’s white

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