2 year old’s skateboarding skills will leave in awe. Many only dream of achieving this level

2 year old’s skateboarding skills will leave in awe. Many only dream of achieving this level. In a trending video shared on social media, a two year old has mastered the skateboarding through hard work. His skills are unparalleted and many of us could only dream of reaching to his level.

His dedication and liking towards skateboarding can be seen in the practice video shared by his father. Starting with indoor steps to flip the skateboard, now this prodigal kid can comfortably manage to sway the curves of big skateboarding arena.

2 year old's skateboarding skills

This video is compilation of many months of hard work and dedication shown by this 2 year old kid.

2 year old's skateboarding skills

Practice makes man (or shall I say Kid) perfect and this is a living example.

2 year old's skateboarding skills

The video has received thousands of likes but most amazingly over 17,000 users are talking and admiring his skills. If you scroll in the comment of this video, you will find many videos his dad has shared when he was a baby. Hats of this dad who poured hours of hard work to make his son a phenomenal force in the skateboarding.

2 year old's skateboarding skills

As you can see in the another video, the dad has stated the lesson as early as 3 days of age. Starting with sliding with the baby in the crib, our wonder kid has got first taste of skateboarding. You can see a tiny skateboard was gifted and tied to his foot while this newborn was still in the hospital.

As you can see both father and son duo continued trying relentlessly to achieve what seems to be a coveted at the same time tough dream. I am truly hoping to see this wonder kiddo to participate in the Olympics one day.

Not only the video is amazing, but you will also admire other videos shared by his family on how from the day one of his life, countless amount of efforts have been poured to shape this kids skateboarding skills

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