1900 Century Kerosene Lighter Proves Our Grandparents Were Smarter Than Us Without Access To Internet And Smartphones

To all millennial and teenagers touting how your generation is modern. How the IOT (Internet Of Things) and modern gadgets make you look cool, here is a news flash. Your great grandparents were smarter than you despite lack of internet or any smartphones. The 1900 century Kerosene lighter found in Austria proves how the previous generation was smart than us.

Easy access to internet has made our life simple. For any question there is google and its powerful search engine. While this may sound lot of fun, but are we loosing something, ability to think and discover new things or taking a shortcut in finding the answers online.

The curious nature in mankind is the driving force behind all modern day discoveries we have made. Don’t let internet suppress your curious mind and don’t fall pray to the shortcut offered by internet in finding the answers to your problems.

1900 Century Kerosene Lighter Provides Insight About Our Grand Parents Generation

A collector managed to get his hands on this century old lighter. Completely made from metal, this classic piece of art works perfectly fine even after these many years.

1900 century Kerosene lighter

The lighter uses kerosene for ignition and burning purpose. As you open the casing of the lighter, in the middle is your fuel compartment.

The fuel compartment stores kerosene. Unlike petroleum, kerosene is more stable and doesn’t quickly evaporate in the air. But just like any liquid, make sure not to tilt this lighter too much, else the kerosene may spill on you.

1900 century Kerosene lighter

Once you open the ignition chamber, there is a switch provided that will ignite and burn the kerosene. The flame offered by this lighter is stable and unless you close the lid, it won’t extinguish.

1900 century Kerosene lighter

Amazing brain isn’t it?
So before you make fun of your grandpa or grandma not able to understand turning on the laptop or how to use the smartphone, think again. Without any modern day tools and fast computing processors, their generation has managed to harness machine power to make their life better.

What Is Kerosene?

1900 century Kerosene lighter

This highly inflammable liquid is made from natural oil. In the process of extracting petroleum, kerosene is obtained as a byproduct. In some parts of the world, kerosene is still main source of fuel from vehicles to cooking.

However, unlike petroleum (or the gas we fill in our car), kerosene has many disadvantages. It burns will smoke, the smell is rather acute and harsh as compared to regular car fuel.

The pollution caused by kerosene is significantly larger than other Petroleum products. As a result, the world is moving away from kerosene.

Watch this 1900 Century Kerosene Lighter still in pristine condition and still works great.

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