16 Hilarious Protesters And Protest Signs Show In USA People Protest For Anything And Everything | 16 Funny Protest Meme Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Historically we have seen many famous protests that have altered our life, brought changes to our views and thoughts.

Protests are also mired by some funny reasons and signs people protest for. Here is the collection of 16 hilarious protesters and protest signs.


16 hilarious protesters and protest signs show in USA people protest for anything and everything. I am sure these top 16 funny protest MEME will make you laugh out loud. USA history is full of protest wherein millions of protesters have thronged the street for many milestone causes. Modern day democracy, our ability to freely speak and express opinion attributes to many such protests where people fearlessly stood for their principles. Despite fear of getting arrested, many have shown utmost courage to make our life safe and secure.

Take example of BLM or Black Lives Matter, Abortion protest, protest by medical professionals for shortage of PPE in their battle against Coronavirus and many more. The baseline cause has touched hearts and minds of millions of people across the globe and people from many parts of the world have expressed their support for these noble causes.

But history has also witnessed hundreds of hilarious moments where protesters can be seen picketing for insane causes. Again in the protest when thousands gather, some folks with peculiar agenda show up too. This post is attributed to all those protesters who stood out in most odd way or sometimes even deflate the true purpose of protest.

The signs, the stand these people have taken not only funny but it will surely burst you into your happy dance. Lets deep dive into the top 16 hilarious protesters signs.

Funny sign from BLM

16 hilarious protesters signs


The BLM protest have taken unprecedented turn. The uproar and outburst of people’s feeling after death of George Floyd has made millions of Americans angry. The video showing George Floyd’s last moments has created a huge divide between common people and police (cops).

All lives can’t matter until black lives matter. I read it several times but couldn’t make out what exactly this women in black dress wanted to say. Is this something she scribbled hurriedly or her attempt to stand out from other signs, whatever be the case, you decide its worth.

People around the world protest for insane reasons

16 hilarious protesters signs


I loved that fact that this protester is honest and candid about her opinion. Many a times people join for the same cause year after year. It’s frustrating that year after year, despite public uproar, the things haven’t changed a bit.

16 hilarious protesters sign continues.

When Clueless blonde join the protest

16 hilarious protesters signs


Stop killing volcano’s to make lava lamps. This happens when a blonde suddenly decides to join the protest. I am pretty sure the protesters have to request the cops to remove her from their group to avoid the disgrace.

I can’t believe people can fall for some funny notions and decides to protest against it. Easy access to social media is proving horror for many when they fall for online conspiracy theory and without using common sense start believing in them.

Anyone can quote from Bible

16 hilarious protesters signs


What else can be a better place other than joining a protest to vent out anger against your wife or the entire feminine community. Guess what, when you start protest based on Bible verses, don’t forget than anyone and everyone can selectively quote them for their benefits.


When doctors protest only other doctors can understand

16 hilarious protesters signs


Agree that doctors too have rights, demands which need to be fulfilled. Starting from better facilities, better treatment all the way to availability of PPE – personal protective equipment are some of the things our doctors need. And when these demands are ignored, unfortunately like many others, these medical professionals too have to hit the road. But there is a problem. Their awesome handwriting can only be understood by fellow doctors. As a result, politicians and decision makers are till date struggling to understand what they are protesting for. Unfortunately, many of their demands can’t be met just because people don’t know the reason for doctor’s protest.


Real hero from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest

16 hilarious protesters signs


If you are still not learning what the BLM protest is for, why equality matters, read the sign this dog is protesting for. I am sure you will understand the reason. But for any reason, you fail to ignore it, get ready to get injected rabbis vaccine as this furry protester won’t leave you.


I didn’t get it


Sometimes protesters carry the signs so confusing that you don’t understand what the protest is all about. For those still struggling to understand, the protest was ‘Helping the poor and needy’. This protester is saying that she would be okay with Joffrey as her king. The Joffrey is from Game of Thrones series.

Despite all the facts infront of me, I still didn’t get what’s her message and what is protesting for.


NYC Horse protest


If you believe the picture speaks louder than thousand words, here is your perfect example. Animal lovers protest to keep NYC horses.

I love these type of protests


Protest like this rocks. There is something for everyone. Who wouldn’t want the time travel. Best part is this guy has got all the spellings correct. Demands as cool as this are universally accepted and I am sure no one would deny these demands.


Use wild imagination to print placards

Celebrities like the publicity, mostly the good one. But I am sure even Geri didn’t see this coming. Great analogy and loved the fact that this protester is more mad about Geri leaving ‘Spice Girls’ than the protest she is participating.


Meaningless protest

What did you understand or would you even care. But hey, when you are paid to join the protest, you would hold any sign up high, whether it makes any sense or not.


People protest for insane reasons


Scene from Chipotle protest


Guac matters too. And why it’s extra.

Another Black Lives Matter enthusiast


Protest or marketing


Is this guy protesting or promoting some coffee brand. People have own interest and sometimes join the protest to promote own agenda over common acceptable program.


Very thoughtful

No mother should have to fear for her son’s life every time he robs a store. That’s just too brutal.


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