15 Clinical Signs If Your Marriage Relationship Will Fail And How Healthy Is Your Marriage Life | 15 Psychological Signs To Know If Cracks Are Emerging In Your Marriage Life

There is as such no known barometer to predict success of failure of marriage life.

However based on numerous psychological studies, 15 clinical signs of assessing the health of person’s marriage life have been adopted by psychiatrist and marriage counselor. Take this test to know where your marriage life falls with respect to these criteria.



15 Clinical Signs Quiz If Your Marriage Relationship Will Fail And How Healthy Is Your Marriage Life

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When it comes to the upbringing of your kids, who contribute more?

(Attachment avoidance)

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This year you do not want your parents or in-laws to visit you anytime soon. Do you think your husband will agree?

(Conflict of interest)

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Do you feel your husband is committed to effectively handle finances and future of your kids?

(Perceived partner commitment)

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What is a good idea to spend time after anniversary dinner night?

(Sexual satisfaction)

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Assuming you drink beer, can you be a beer buddy of your husband?


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Your in-laws will be in town next week, how will be you prepare?

(Attachment Anxiety)

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Quickly think of the past 365 days. Were there more happy moments for you, your husband and kids or sad incidents have occupied the past year?

(Life satisfaction)

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How much time you spend daily on exercises?

(Self awareness)

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Do you suddenly feel loss of interest and unable to find pleasure when husband and kids are around?

(Feeling of depression)

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Are you satisfied with your hairdo?


11 / 15

Are dark circles appearing under your eye? Can you effectively control the dark circles?


12 / 15

Looking at all bad incidents happened in the past, can you blame it on someone?

(Negative affectivity)

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Something is bothering you but you don't know it yet. Can you discuss freely with your husband?

(Perceived Partner Responsiveness Scale PPRS)

14 / 15

Do you apply lipstick as a way to wear your colors or hide dry skins and puffiness of your lips?

(Aging factor)

15 / 15

Do you feel you have liberty to order a new dining set for your home?

(Admiration and Appreciation)


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Many a times we don’t know what to check or how to assess our own life, There is not gauge or barometer to know how strong is the bond between you and your husband. Are there any factors that contribute to the failure of marriage life. 15 clinical signs if your marriage relationship will fail and how healthy is your marriage life. Use 15 psychological signs to know if cracks are emerging in your marriage life.

The psychological study defines the clinical criteria every couple must check to assess their marriage life. If I list all 15 psychological criteria, these clinical terms are so complex that you will have to google each and every of them just to understand what it really means. To make it simple, we have developed a quiz that will relate these clinical criteria defining success or failure of marriage life to your day to day events.

The questions may appear very simple but we want you to pay attention to the psychological criteria it matches (every question has a relating psychological criteria) before answering any question. As is true with every psychological evaluation, your inputs are very important to decide the overall health of your marriage.

The relationship between clinical factors and every day event will also provide broader insight on what it takes to make your marriage life successful. Remember, the psychiatrist, marriage counselors are here to guide you, however, the salvage of your marriage is entirely in your and your husband’s hand. Take few moments to read through our interpretation of clinical criteria for a successful marriage life, see how these criteria apply to your life and day to day activities. This will give you a stock of how healthy the communication within your family is. Relationship with your kids, husband, in-laws all contribute to the success or failure of your marriage life.


The Marriage relationship quiz is based on 15 clinical signs as below

15 Clinical Signs

Based on psychological study, below 15 primary clinical signs are used to gauge health of person’s marriage life. Effective interpretation, use and reaction to these signs is what a marriage counselor like to seek from the couples in distress.

  • Self Awareness
  • Sexual Satisfaction
  • Preservation
  • Openness
  • Attitude
  • Perceived Partner Commitment (PPC)
  • Admiration and Appreciation
  • Aging Factor
  • Conflict Of Interest
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Feeling of Depression
  • Positive Affectivity and Negative Affectivity
  • Attachment and Attachment Avoidance
  • Attachment Anxiety In Relationship
  • Perceived Partner Responsiveness Scale PPRS


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