13 Shades Of Makeup – With Makeup You Would Want Any Of These 13 Women To Be Your Girlfriend. And You Will Break Your Relationship When You See Same 13 Women Without Makeup

Makeup add beauty to both men and women. Use it effectively to hide spots on your face and enhance your looks.

13 shades of makeup covers how these real life cases look totally different making them much sought after on dating sites.


13 Shades Of Makeup

Historically, both men and women have used makeup and supporting accessories to hide deficiencies and amplify the beauty of their facial looks. Makeup has been beneficial to glorify your beauty and charm. 13 shades of makeup proves how makeup has been vital for these 13 women who could otherwise have stayed virgin without support from makeup.

Past medical conditions, environment effects and sometimes stress of life events can cause developing unwanted spots and wrinkles on your face. Afterall, face is till considered as barometer to measure women’s beauty.

13 Shades Of Makeup

Choosing make-up is an art and not everyone is expert with it. Notable bloggers have dedicated their entire life in capturing the essence of good make-up. Starting from choosing the foundation all the way to hair mask, there unprecedented work has helped many women around the world.

Expensive make-up doesn’t necessarily mean the best option money can buy, rather investing more time in analyzing your face, your personality is vital before selecting the make-up. For many beautiful women a lipstick is the only makeup requirement whereas few others need everything from foundation to mascara and eyelashes.

Your face is God’s gift, but it’s entirely in your hands how to preserve it’s beauty. This is where a light touches of make-up helps. I called choosing right makeup as an art because sometimes unnecessary makeup can leave permonent marks on your face.


Hilarious Side Of Makeup

Women’s makeup is topic of fun in men’s only club. In Bachelor parties, topics like how their girlfriend looks totally different without makeup are talked at length. Women’s make-up has rather become humerus topic to discuss over drinks. Starting from how my wife’s makeup has broken my bank balance all the way why the makeup cost has forced me into bankruptcies have been discussed in those conversations.

Maybe you should eat some makeup

so you can be pretty on the inside too!…

But men are no exception. In our previous blog post, we have warned ladies not to get beardfished. Read how a girlfriend broke-up with her handsome boyfriend that turned out to be a turtle neck after removing his beard.

13 Shades Of Makeup

Few meme that have gone viral on Women’s makeup topic, just for fun. No hidden or otherwise message included

13 Shades Of Makeup



13 Shades Of Makeup


Smiling gives you wrinkles

Resting beach face keeps you flawless

Very deep indeed.

13 Shades Of Makeup


13 Shades Of Makeup

13 Women Could Still Have Been Virgin Without Make-up

These are real life cases of 13 women who have openly admitted that make-up was important aspect of their beauty. Without make-up they would have easily been disregarded on dating sites.

Here is the collection of 13 cases where these women look totally different without make-up. See the transformation the right choice of make-up has brought in their life. An opportunity to hide deficiencies and face sports, freckles and present themselves confidently to the society.





13 Shades Of makeup and what magic makeup brings to a woman’s life.











13 shades of makeup continue ….




Asian beauty with and without makeup. The change will surprise you.






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