13 Couples Only Costume Ideas For Halloween High School Party Night | Couples Only Costumes To Wear On High School Or Collage Halloween Parties


As Halloween bring much awaited Trick or Treat experience for small kids, the high school and college students wait for Halloween night parties. The Halloween Parties are quite popular in both college going and adult couples. 13 couples only costume ideas will give you hint on what to wear this years party or see these couples wearing your desired Halloween costumes and decide which one to pick.

Make bold impression when you enter the party room with your partner. Let other party goers understand that a perfectly loving couple has arrived to shine the party night. Your choice of costume will be great for photo ops thus creating ever lasting memories of sweet high school Halloween night.


13 Couples Only Costume Ideas For Halloween Party Night

13 Couples Only Costume

Just like Prom, the Halloween parties too are much awaited by both high school and college going couples. While rest of the world is celebrating trick or treating, these loving couples seize this opportunity to mix with their friends and celebrate Halloween in style.

Many loving memories are created including new relations formed or many even broken due to mismatching costume choice. If you are alone and looking for a perfect partner this year, find the boy or girl wearing Halloween costume matching to yours. That’s your cue to make first approach and initiate conversation with the future date.

If you have already found a perfect partner, make your choice of costume to boost the sentiment of made in heaven couples. Show others how you and your partner are made for each other. Whatever be the case, checkout these 13 Couples Only Costume ideas that are trending this year.

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Couples Only Costumes To Wear On Party Night

Basketball Player Couple

13 Couples Only Costume

Are you Stephen Curry fan or find LeBron James better. Pick your NBA team and favorite player. Wear your team’s jersey. Remember, your team’s jersey is not only for Halloween but even works well when game season begins.


Starbucks Barista Couple

13 Couples Only Costume


Your regular pair of jeans and T-top will be just fine. Tie the green barista apron on top. Most important accessory is to carry Starbucks coffee cup. Refreshing drink for the fresh party night couple.


Baseball Player Couple

13 Couples Only Costume

The MLB season is very hot this year with Dodgers Vs. Rays already making news headlines, show your love for baseball this Halloween. Pick the jersey from official MLB showroom and order your favorite players jersey just in time for Halloween. The jersey isn’t enough, as a basketball loving couple, entry matters too. Enter as you are entering the game stadium and let others take a notice of it.


Hippies Couples Costume

13 Couples Only Costume

Revive memories of 1900 century and bring those golden days back. Be the 18th or 19th century hipster. Old fashioned clothes with matching head bands are enough. More than your clothes, the attitude matters. Show your hippy attitude in behaviour and be the perfect Halloween night hippies.


Prisoners Costume For Couples

13 Couples Only Costume

Full body orange jersey is hallmark of prisoners. Show you are real life prisoners too by both of you wearing full body orange dress. Leave the top open to show you are a rogue couple.


Country Couple Halloween Costume

Jeans and checkered top is must to look like a country couple. Texan boots will add necessary touch. But do you know the most important accessory for country couple costume is the country style beer. Grab beer can and sizzle in the party.


Nurse And Doctor Halloween Costume

13 Couples Only Costume

Show your love similar to epic love stories between doctor and nurse. You pick and choose who will be the nurse and doctor. Doctor costume is a full body surgical apron (which is anyway must these days due to social distancing norms) and for nurse a bloody 19th century style costume will embolden the epic love between you and your partner.

Pour some artificial blood on your costume to make it look even scary.


Harley Quinn And Joker Couples Costume

Do you think you and your partner are the most dangerous couples like Quinn and Joker. Now it’s time to let the world know about it. Harley Quinn costume is preferred as it reveals the curvy shape of your body with the bold joker’s expression on your partner’s face. Make-up is the key and it may take some time to paint your face like Joker. A baseball bat is the must have accessory for this costume.


Playboy and Play mate Halloween Costume

13 Couples Only Costume

Revive Nevada’s Bunny Ranch memories with this play boy costume. Your partner will be the playboy and you are his play mate. Once extremely popular, these days this costume is getting side tracked due to arrival of new styles and fashions.


Bonnie And Clyde Couples Costume


Bonnie and Clyde have been popular for many years and same trend will continue for many more years to come. There is something special about this wild couples. Even Quinn and Joker are not as coveted as these famous bank robbers are. Wear Bonnie and Clyde costume before you begin on night prowl.


IT And George Couples Costume

IT movie has created storm back in 19s and its sequel too is extremely famous. Both IT and IT 2 have been a huge box office success. So if you choose to be IT and George, this concept won’t flop as many still have fresh memories from this movie.


Cop And Prisoner Couples Costume

Just like two prisoners, add a twist to the plot. Now one becomes the cop handcuffing the partner dressed up as prisoner. Show the world that you are peferctly made for each other just like never ending cop and prisoner relationship.

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith Couples Costume


Mr. and Mrs. Smith has created new trend in couples. Mercenary and professional shooters became instantly popular as they have destroyed every known notion about marriage relationship.

Watch 13 Couples Only Costume Ideas in action below


You can try to be the extremely hot at the same time dangerous Smith husband and wife this Halloween. Pay attention to the accessories to make your cosplay look real and matching the movie character.

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