10 Real Life Wolverines You have not seen before

X-Men and its sequel with the tagline focusing on unusual mutant Wolverine became quite famous. Hugh Jackman’s character as Wolverine has enticed both kids and adults. With the sharp claws that can cut or pierce through anything and self healing ability has made this Marvel franchise epic and unforgettable.

You may have seen the parody version of Wolverine or even the Halloween costumes with fake Wolverine claws, Wolverine style hair wig and much more. What we are showing you is not fake or parody but a real life Wolverines. How people became inspired by Hugh Jackman’s rough looking character and what have they done to become someone like him.

Don’t try these stunts or costumes as it can be harmful and can cause serious injuries.

Fun facts : Do you know Hugh Jackman is Australian. Besides actin he also sings and produces movies.


We have a Wolverine gone rouge and destroyed the car. Someone copied this picture and claimed, this is what his girlfriend did to his car for cheating on her.

My question was : First off, why are you cheating? Never understood that. Second off, why did you hook up with Wolverine. 


Side look of the car destroyed by real life Wolverine.


These are real scars and no tricks or photoshop. Don’t know if this is part of cultural ritual or she just wanted to be a victim of Wolverine.

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