10 Famous Criminal Stories Where Crimes Were Caught On Walmart Camera

Walmart is not only famous for it’s low price guarantee but also low life people who spoils our society.

What are the 10 famous crimes and criminal stories that have been caught on Walmart Camera.

10 famous criminal stories

Walmart the world’s largest retailer is famous for many good and bad things. While many of us know this thrift store for every day low prices, the retail chain is also famous for rampant crimes and nasty things its shoppers have done in the past. Here are top 10 famous criminal stories where crimes were caught on Walmart camera.

Crimes from stalking to shoplifting or even harassing other shoppers have been reported at this famous retails giant. Walmart has received bad publicity due to ow life shoppers and their criminal acts. Seeing the increasing number of criminal activities, Walmart has taken many safety measures such as beefing up the security, installing security cameras and private security patrol. However, with the rise of every new days, the criminals are coming up with new ideas.

Creep Alert Man Forcefully Kissing Women Shoppers

10 famous criminal stories

A pervert was found harassing female shoppers outside Walmart. The man in his early 50s started even fondling many women. After few hours, his courage has even resorted to kissing the women in a broad daylight outside Walmart.

Winter Haven police looking for this man who they say is stalking/kissing women at Walmart! When many shoppers complained about this man’s overt activity to Walmart manager, the criminal flee from the scene. Thankfully Walmart’s security surveillance was able to grab a full size photo of this creep and send to law enforcement. Looking at this man, I still can’t believe how people can be so shameless to commit such crime.

Next time you think of visiting Walmart, beware of Sugar Daddies standing near entrance in the search of their prey.


Switching Barcodes Is New Way Of Crime

10 famous criminal stories

Some smart criminals have found another easy way to make quick bucks. Their modus operandi is simple. Identify expensive item on the shelf at Walmart and place in their cart. Next comes to find similar but low priced item. Once you find a cheap item, simply swap the barcodes. To hide your crime, load your cart with many other items. At the check-out the cashier will swipe the manipulated items along with rest others.

In turn these thieves are walking away by cheating the store hundreds of dollars per shopping trip. Once the expensive item is bought for lesser price, you can either return at Walmart without receipt or simply sell on EBay.

Not only Walmart, but Target, Home Depot and may leading big box retail stores have incurred billions of dollars in losses by this tactics. Some of them were caught but only after committing hundreds of transactions whereas, small thieves who try this trick for one or two times have managed to got away without being noticed by Walmart management.

Here is a thief who manage to get away with $244 in merchandise by paying a mere $15 (his total was just $15 for the cart full items)

Walmart’s 10 Famous Crimes And Criminal Stories :¬†Leaking Ice Cream Tub

Not Shop at Walmart

New generation of criminals are not stealing from Walmart but using Walmart for creating viral videos and trends. One of such viral trend was to lick the Blue Ribbon ice cream tub and keep the contaminated product back on shelf. Novice and unsuspecting customers like you and I will end up buying contaminated ice cream.

Not Shop at Walmart

The reason for affecting Walmart customer’s health was to create a viral video. A video that will attract many views and provide quick publicity to these thugs. As expected the video were viral amassing millions of views online. However, someone has alerted the cops and based on the user handle, cops were finally able to nab these criminals.

Anything for cheap publicity. This young couple didn’t even think of the heath hazard their reckless act can cause upon other shoppers.


Shoplifter On Wheels

10 famous criminal stories

If you have visited Walmart recently, you might have noticed the Walmart employee that checks for your receipts at the exist. The purpose is to make sure that customers pay for what they have bought and not cheat the retailer. But there is a way to evade this security check point.

A criminal decided to bypass this security check by quickly zooming past the gate keeper using his skates. While the Walmart employee was busy checking other’s receipts, one criminal quickly sped outside using roller skates. By the time a Walmart associate noticed someone leaving the store without paying for items, the thief was already outside the store heading towards his car.

Once you are outside the store, the store employees can’t confine you or hold you until the cops arrive. This is a loose link which has successfully caught by our thief to steal from Walmart.

Here is the man who wore hover shoes to slide in and out of a Walmart without paying for his items.

Escape From The Store Roof

When you are caught red handed, whole others are waiting for the cops to arrive, one has decided to utilize this time to show himself out through the roof. Here is the crime caught on Walmart’s security camera.

When his burglary was caught by Walmart’s loss prevention officer, an alleged shoplifter avoided arrest by climbing into the store’s ceiling, and kicking a hole to escape. Only a senseless and seasoned criminal can think of escaping even after been caught committing a crime. This shows how difficult working conditions can be for someone who decide to work at Walmart. You ought to be courageous before taking up a job at Walmart as everyday can bring new surprises.


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