10 Amazing Architectures Houses Are Built Where No One Can Imagine

House on the Cliff Alicante, Spain

If you are looking for something to wow you, then head to Spain. The architecture of this house has managed to build a mansion style home on the cliff of a huge mountain ranges. The approach road to this house is full of mountains and cliffs, unless you are expert in wall climbing you can not even visit this place, staying here is different. It makes me wonder, how was this house been built in the first place. Even the construction workers must have found it difficult to reach the building site.

The architecture behind this novel home is Diego Opazo

This unusual and highly difficult plot of land inspired an imaginative, three-dimensional shape, which invites a startling visual dialogue with its surroundings. Built using concrete, this house gives typical European style of feel. The house even has infinity swimming pool for the residents who want to relax and chill looking miles ahead.

Qiyunshan Tree House Xiuning, China

This fairy tale house is real and located in Xiuning province of China. The house has its own approach road. This house is not your backyard tree house but built in the cedar forest giving it the name of Tree House.

The architecture behind this novel home is Chen Hao

The amazing fact about this house is that its fully built using natural material. The cedar forest where it is situated has provided the main structural bone and skeleton of this house. Hats of to the architecture team that they thought of using natural resources to bring this house in reality. Several years of hard work has made this piece of art truly amazing and spectacular. The constitutions and interior of this house gives you true feeling of oriental lifestyle.

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