10 Amazing Architectures Houses Are Built Where No One Can Imagine

Dream house by the side of a leak or ocean front is everybody’s dream. That’s very common dream but there are few mavericks who like to do something unimaginable, something spectacular. We have found top 10 “Dreams Come True’ houses in the world with the architectire so phenomenal and located at the sites no one would ever imagine.

Here are WORLD’s TOP 10  Famous houses

Hirafu Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

10 Amazing Architectures Houses Are Built Where No One Can Imagine

The architecture of this remarkable house in Japan’s second largest island, Hokkaido, created this L-shaped structure to connect the house with the hill. What you are two cubes fitted one above the other. Given the steep slope on which this house is built, looking at it from outside gives you a feeling as if this house can slide down the hill anytime soon. Don’t worry that won’t happen as this holiday home is built with the combination of reinforced steel and concrete making it hard to break or fall down.

The architecture behind this novel home is Florian Busch Architects

Why you should stay here, well for one reason, very secluded place. You will get the pleasure of staying close to the nature and away from society. Even the snow on this ground won’t be touched by any mankind for several days. Second, you will get the amazing and spectacular view of mount Fiji-san. The world famous tourist place of Japan. So next time if you want to get away from your busy life, think of renting this holiday home. I am sure the residents of this house may feel their heartbeats talking directly with the nature.

Cliff House Nova Scotia, Canada

How wild and crazy you need to be to come up with something unique like this house. As the picture shows, this house is literally built on the edge of the cliff. To make it balanced, the architecture has used pillars on one side while letting the other rest on the cliff. If you are facing the house from the entrance, this would look perfectly normal to you, but when you go around the cliff and take a peak at it, it will give you a shudder. Staying in this house needs strong minded person, all faint hearts (including me) better to stay away. Staying in this house itself is an adventure as you will always be under constant fear of falling off of the cliff. But don’t worry, this house is doing just fine for many many years.

The architecture behind this novel home is MacKay-Lyons

The idea behind this maverick construction is to give sense of vertigo and a sense of floating on the sea at the same time. Built using steel, this house construction is meant to survive inclement weather, steep slope but also gives you unique feeling of floating on the sea.

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